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Wendy has an unusual accord with death, considering she grows up to work for the Norse 

Goddess of the Underworld. After seeing her mother be taken to the afterlife by an entity surrounded by flowing flame, she has never seen death the same way. As she becomes an adult, she continues to be drawn to the dying. Finding, through the study of witchcraft, that she is not as powerless as she thought. Searching for the flowing flame and finding more than she bargained for.

 It could have been that Wendy was a practitioner of witchcraft or that she was a funeral driver or possibly it was that demon she ate. Whatever caught the Goddess Hel’s attention, she made it clear that she wanted Wendy to work as a reaper for Helheim. When tragedy kills her longest friend, she doesn’t hesitate to trade a thousand years of service for the preservation of his soul in Helheim. Now she has to learn to navigate through the gods of the cultures around her to survive her new violent world.

Coven Of the Dead Vol. 1 is an urban Pagan fiction that tackles the concept of life after death. An unorthodox coming-of-age story that explores the ranges of loss that humans experience in their lifetime. Loss of friends as they grow apart, loss of a career that they have worked hard for, and loss of loved ones who go to the other side. Though these losses hurt, Coven of the Dead Vol. 1 shows hope in the path laid out before us. Though things happen that take away the path we wanted in life, it may be a path that holds the adventure our soul needs to thrive. 

Coven of the Dead Vol 1

SKU: 0002
  • Memoir of the Nordic Goddess of death's newest Reaper. Wendy recounts her life that lead her to this point. What drew her to Witchcraft and being able to contact the other side. Though with a deal of a thousand years of service, this probably wont be the last volume.

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